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"In House" Garden Design
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We make it EASY for you to install Natives!
With Our In House Single Bed Garden Design

Through this service we are able to work with you on the design of a simple, single planting area. Up to 400 sq. ft. the design fee is $200. For areas up to 1000 sq. ft. the design fee is $300.

**Please note: We can only design a single area in this package. This requirement is firm.** For any area that does not fit this requirement we can better serve you with our professional garden consultation package for your planning needs.

To inspire you to complete your installation in a timely manner, we offer a plant credit for $100. This credit is good for 3 months from the date you receive your design via email. Please note that we only accept cash or checks at the Nursery.

How it works: We spend approximately one hour meeting with you in the Nursery to review your site plan, photographs and discuss your garden goals. We then spend several additional hours researching and designing your garden, and preparing a report. Turnaround time on your report varies, your designer will speak with you to give you an estimate during your meeting. This is our busy season at the nursery, so the wait between meeting and report is typically around 3 weeks.

When your report is complete you will receive a concise, easy-to-understand information packet via email. This report includes a site plan indicating plant placement, as well as written instructions on transplanting, watering, and the ongoing care of your native plants.

What we request from you:

  1. A carefully measured drawing of your planting bed, indicating area intended for planting, existing plants you wish to keep, pathways, etc.
    If parts of the yard are shaded, please indicate this as well. Please note with carefully measured dimensions the location of any existing vegetation or hardware within the planting bed.
  2. Printed photographs of the area to be planted from several vantage points. These should be printed out in advance of arrival.
    (We really do need printed photos and a clear drawing in order to provide you with a design. Please don't skip Steps 1&2 or we will be unable to help you.)
  3. A firm goal to purchase and install the plants within 2-4 weeks of receipt of report. Plant selection fluctuates rapidly and we tailor our designs to what is anticipated to be available in the near term, so delays in procurement can require significant reworking.
  4. A written list of your preferred native plants. While we think all our plants are beautiful, everyone’s tastes vary a bit, and we want to tailor your plant selection to your tastes in colors and textures as much as possible.
       See Our Availability List here.

Before our meeting, please answer the following important questions:

  • Do deer come into your neighborhood? If so, is your yard securely fenced: (i.e., 8’ high or higher)?
  • How much sun does your yard get, and at what time of day?
  • Do you want a low-water or zero-water garden? (90% of our plants thrive with water 1x/week or less; a smaller number thrive with no supplemental water once established.)
  • Are there any other unusual factors we should know about, such as gophers/moles, extremely heavy clay/extremely rocky soil, etc.?

We regularly offer appointments Tuesdays - Friday; limited Saturdays appointments may be available. Call (650) 851-1668 to schedule an appointment.

Please note: Any application for a water district rebate program is the responsibility of the client. Additional services from the Nursery are available on a time and materials basis.

Would you like to print out this information? Click Here For Printer Friendly Version.

Garden Guides | At Your Home Garden Design Service | In House Bed Design | Garden Tune-Up Service

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