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Clematis ligusticifolia - Western Virgin's Bower
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Clematis ligusticifolia - Western Virgin's Bower
Photo by Anya Crane

Botanic Name: Clematis ligusticifolia
Common Name: Western Virgin's Bower
Size: 20'h x 20'w
Sun: Sun-Shade
H20: Occ.H2O/moist
Deer Resistant
Resistance: medium
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Clay Tolerant
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This fast growing deciduous vine can reach as much as 20' on an arbor or fence. It prefers sun to light shade and regular water. In nature, it occurs along streambanks in a variety of habitats. Virgin's Bower blooms from June to September covering itself with a profusion of small creamy white, fragrant blossoms, followed by masses of fluffy seed heads. The late summer bloom and intense fragrance combine to make it a great subject for a wall or fence.

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