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Wildflower Watch 2009

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(Click each image for a larger version)

Our Meadow:

A shot of our wildflower meadow. Many different forms of clarkia are in full bloom so stop by to view the meadow and don't forget to pick up your clarkia seeds in our shop. Ask our employees how your garden can bloom with as much life as ours!

Summer Blooms:

Romneya coulteri and two kinds of clarkia bloom in our meadow creating a wonderful vision of blossoms and foliage of varying heights.

Asclepias speciosa:

Showy Milkweed, also known as Asclepias speciosa, blooms on one path in the garden. This seasonally dormant plant attracts Monarch butterflies as well as many beneficial insects.

Asclepias speciosa, Close Up:

A close up shot of the Asclepias speciosa in bloom.

Penstemon, Clarkia and California Poppies:

Penstemon eatonii (Eaton's Penstemon) nestles itself within a collection of California Poppies (Eschscholzia californica) and Clarkia. The vibrant red sets a beautiful tone with the other colors.

Keckiella 'Roy Taylor':

Called the Shrubby Penstemon, Keckiella 'Roy Taylor' grows near one of the entrances to the Gerda Isenberg Native Plant Garden. This beautiful bush is awash with yellow blooms with the promise of more to come!

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