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Wildflower Watch - Spring 2005
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Our Meadow:

Finally some pink! It's a pleasure to watch the Clarkia unfold... The ones in this picture are primarily Clarkia amoena, though the Clarkia unguiculata are also in bloom in other parts of the garden.
Asclepias speciosa
(Showy Milkweed):

This is why it's called "Showy" Milkweed...
Asclepias speciosa

Close-up of Asclepias speciosa flowers.

Mimulus -- hybrid

The Mimulus (Monkeyflowers) are in bloom all over the garden; the hybrid Mimulus in particular are a treat to watch come into bloom, like the mouth-watering watermelon-colored hybrid in this picture. We have a huge selection of hybrid mimulus for sale right now, in colors from white, to cream to yellow, to red, to pink & purple. Worth coming to take a look!

Mimulus -- hybrid

Close-up of flower of hybrid Mimulus.

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