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Wildflower Watch - Spring 2005
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Our Meadow:

The meadow this week. The meadow was planted with four different species of Clarkia: amoena, rubicunda, unguiculata and bottae.

Amoena was last week's highlight; this week we present close-ups of the other three species.
Clarkia rubicunda

Clarkia rubicunda patch from the upper left of the previous photograph.
Clarkia rubicunda

Close-up of Clarkia rubicunda blossoms.

Another Garden View:

The meadow from a different perspective. Clarkia rubicunda is the patch right up front, with Clarkia amoena right behind. There are some Clarkia bottae in the middle, but they're hard to see as they're quite low to the ground. Clarkia unguiculata are growing to the right of this photograph.

To the Right:

All four types of Clarkia are planted along this fence. The furthest patch of flowers (and tallest) is Clarkia unguiculata; Clarkia bottae are planted right in front of the C. unguiculata, but you can't see them because they're too low to the ground.

Clarkia unguiculata

Clarkia unguiculata close-up.

Clarkia bottae patch:

Clarkia bottae patch hidden from view in the previous image.

Clarkia bottae

Clarkia bottae close-up.

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