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Wildflower Watch - Spring 2005
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Our Meadow:

Can't see the Clarkia rubicunda very well in this photo, but this crop is the star of the garden right now.
Clarkia amoena

A closer look at the Clarkia amoena field which is finishing its bloom.
Clarkia amoena

Here you can see the C. amoena seed pods beginning to form.

Different View:

Another view of the meadow that highlights the lovely Clarkia rubicunda (left foreground, and center middle).
Clarkia rubicunda

Clarkia rubicunda close-up. Wow.
Clarkia rubicunda
w/ Bee:

The bees are having a spectacular time visiting these flowers. Here you can see how messy the bee is, getting pollen everywhere. Notice the pistol under the bee's rear left foot.

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