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Wildflower Watch - Spring 2005
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Our Meadow:

The Baby-blue-eyes (Nemophila menziesii) are actually still going strong, but the overall effect isn't as great as the rain turns the flowers in all different directions (rather than reflecting light all in the same direction).
Nemophila menziesii patch:

A closer shot of the Nemophila patch...
Nemophila menziesii

You can see here the topsy-turvy orientation of the individual flowers.
Trichostema lanatum
(Woolly Blue Curls):

Woolly Blue Curls coming into bloom.
Trichostema lanatum
(flowering stalks):

Woolly Blue Curls flowering stalks.
Trichostema lanatum

Close-up of the Woolly Blue Curls flowers. Find the well disguised caterpillar somewhere in this picture...

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