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Wildflower Watch - Spring 2005
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Sorry it took us so long to get out this next batch folks! Our digital camera left the country for two weeks, so it had travels, but our garden missed its weekly photo. Here is a big batch to make up for the break.
Our Meadow:

Our meadow now.
Phacelia bolanderi
(Caterpillar flower):

The Phacelia bolanderi just came into full bloom this week. A very easy-to-grow native perennial that reseeds readily with lovely results.

Our propagator Matt Teel saw to it that we have a great crop of these available for sale this year. Get them while they're hot!
Phacelia bolanderi

Close-up of Phacelia flower cluster.
Pink & White Poppy!
(Eschscholzia californica)

Near to the Collinsia patch, this pink/white california poppy sprang up! We've seen white, we've seen mahogany, but never pink. Notice how the outsides of the petals are blushed pink, while the insides are white.
Romneya coulteri
(Matilija Poppy):

Slowly building towards a magnificent show, one flower after another. Romneya coulteri (common name: Matilija Poppy) are known for their striking flourish of "fried-egg" flowers and ability to spread to cover massive areas in tough dry conditions. These have a pungently sweet fragrance that wanders past your nose if you stand close enough. Dies back every year, but worth it to save a space. Beautiful.

Available for sale at the nursery in both 1 and 5 Gallon sizes.
Romneya coulteri

Close-up of Romneya coulteri flower.

Last but not least, Delphiniums all over the garden are now in bloom. Here's one of the many varieties planted in the garden.

Zooming in on the flowering stalks...

(Relative) close-up of flowers.

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